Is your sales department running like a championship sports team? Does every member understand his or her role, from the showy star player to the grind-it-out workhorse? Could your sales team performance use some turbo charging?

To boost performance and take your sales department to the next level, you need to use NetSuite and visual analytics together. Why? Because the most effective use of data requires showing, not telling.  Our brains are built to quickly recognize visual information.

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Three Benefits of Real-Time Data Visualization for Sales Teams

With the right data visualization solution allows everyone within your sales department—and the entire company—to access visual information in real time. That allows you to take advantage of three key benefits:

  1. Sale reps always have access to the latest figures, so they can spend more time selling and less time worrying about reconciling data. They can build customized dashboards to track their numbers and accounts at a glance.
  2. Sales teams can hold themselves accountable with precise visual analytics that clearly show where each member stands at every moment.
  3. Sales managers can easily measure and assess the team’s performance, quickly make strategic decisions, and keep management informed of this critical function in real time.

Instant, Accurate, Real-Time Data

Instead of exporting NetSuite data to Excel to build visual reports, sales teams that use the iCharts data visualization solution for NetSuite are able to work more efficiently. After all, exporting data to Excel is time-consuming, and once the data is exported, it loses relevance. There’s no way to account for new sales that happen after the export—unless you run the export all over again. Plus, you become susceptible to accidental leaks as multiple spreadsheets are emailed around the company.

If your sales team is working productively within NetSuite, encourage them to stay there and stay focused. The best way to do it is to choose a data visualization solution that makes use of real-time NetSuite data, so everyone has access to a single-source of truth. No more  security concerns (or confusion) from multiple spreadsheets floating around.

Data Visualization Adds Value to NetSuite

With the right data visualization solution, it’s easy to build charts based on NetSuite saved searches. That way, you can tap into current numbers and quickly view your NetSuite data in real time.

Of course we’re biased, but we believe that iCharts is the best data visualization solution that integrates with NetSuite. After all, we were named the 2016 NetSuite SuiteApp of the year. With iCharts, you get a real-time data visualization and reporting tool that sits directly on your NetSuite dashboard and is designed for business users.

Best Practice Charts for any Sales Team

To learn more about the charts that can boost your sales team’s performance, schedule your custom demo and see iCharts in action.

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