Does this scenario sound familiar?

Employees create saved searches in NetSuite to capture certain data sets. Then, they export the information to Excel to create data visualizations and reports. The process is slow and repetitive. And by the time the reports are created, they’re already out of date—there’s no way to include real-time data.

Embedded visual analytics can solve these problems, saving you time and improving real-time visibility. Here’s how.

Enhanced Efficiency

An embedded visual analytics solution automatically eliminates a time-consuming step. Employees no longer have to export data to Excel to create data visualizations. Instead, they can manipulate data and create quick, easily shareable visualizations directly from their NetSuite dashboard.

Infinisource, a leading provider of human capital management solutions, realized huge gains in efficiency after implementing a visual analytics solution from iCharts. Donna Riggi, NetSuite administrator for Infinisource, said that previously, employees spent up to six hours exporting data from NetSuite, manipulating it in Excel, and creating reports. They then presented those reports to managers, which burned at least another hour.

Switching to iCharts vastly reduced the amount of time that employees had to spend creating reports. Now, iCharts is integrated into the NetSuite dashboard, and everyone can extract real-time data and view it in a way that’s meaningful to them—in minutes.

“The beauty of iCharts is the fact that it’s coming from the saved searches and it’s real-time data,” said Riggi. “I mean, why do you even have to have a meeting if the data’s there?”

While some companies turn to separate business intelligence platforms to parse their data and create data visualizations, iCharts is actually a more efficient solution. It can be embedded directly into NetSuite, so you don’t have to interrupt your workflow and log into a separate system to get the information you need.

CivicPlus, which provides solutions to increase citizen engagement with local governments, wanted to end its time-consuming process of extracting data and using Excel to create reports for its sales management team. The company considered a business intelligence platform but decided against it because of the high cost and complexity of setup and maintenance. Instead, CivicPlus turned to iCharts. Now, sales staff can generate real-time customer analytics, right from the NetSuite dashboard. And visually appealing reports can be created in minutes, without any additional special resources.

Improved Visibility

Embedded analytics also lead to increased transparency. Useful data isn’t hidden away—instead, it’s easily accessible to everyone.

Appspace, which delivers industry-leading apps globally to large enterprises in the finance, healthcare, education, and retail industries, quickly discovered that the iCharts solution greatly improved business visibility.

Instead of extracting data to Excel and creating reports that were instantly outdated, Appspace deployed a fully integrated iCharts for NetSuite solution. This solution allowed the company to tap into real-time data and improve visibility into crucial metrics. By leveraging NetSuite saved searches, Appspace was able to develop real-time visual reports that provided actionable insights based on the most up-to-date information. In the accounting, customer support, and project management departments, iCharts allowed Appspace to obtain survey results, assign tickets, and manage expenses—all in real time. And iCharts even gave Appspace the ability to analyze data from multiple sources, such as the external system that housed customer survey data. Appspace was able to create a single source of truth for improved visibility throughout the company.

Spectrio, one of the nation’s leading all-inclusive audio/video marketing companies, also improved visibility with iCharts. Its sales organization needed to segment and compare different revenue streams in real-time, which simply wasn’t possible with its existing process—using NetSuite saved searches to extract sales data to Excel, then using Excel to manipulate the data  and create sales reports. Of course, these reports were instantly outdated.

With iCharts, Spectrio used those same NetSuite saved searches but was able to create interactive, visually appealing sales performance reports based on the most current data. iCharts gave Spectrio much more visibility into sales performance. And with iCharts, users are no longer limited to pre-defined charts—they can customize the reports to suit their specific needs.

Making the Switch

If your company is still spending hours exporting data to Excel, only to wind up with outdated reports, it’s time to make the switch to a solution that enhances efficiency and improves visibility.  iCharts offers the highest-rated NetSuite reporting application and is the only visual analytics and intelligence platform operating natively in cloud-based enterprise applications.

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