Export NetSuite Data

NetSuite reporting is a highly powerful tool and we should not discredit the capabilities, however, there are some limitation and Netsuite patrons still use the in-house functionality to export data to outside sources. Some reasons why users export are due to year over year reporting, which simply can not be done natively. Unable to compare two different datasets without a common denominator, which results in failing to capture historical snapshots or the case of the distribution of data to different departments or roles for reporting purposes. These factors push the end users to resort to exporting the data to an outside tool like Excel

Here’s how to Export

Exporting a list, saved searches, or fields from NetSuite to Excel can be done by navigating the particular data set, once you are on the page you wish to export, simply click one of the export function, seen below. Netsuite allows you to export to Excel, CSV, PDF, Email or simply print out to view and manage the data
These features allow users to export large sets of data into Excel, allowing a user to manipulate that data outside NetSuite. This can be done through the use of spreadsheets, pivot tables, and other reporting tools. As an end result, this will allow a user to import the data back into NetSuite safely.

exporting functions in NetSuite

Saved Searches Export options Export Blog 2

Exporting real-time data only to become static

Netsuite is very good at providing real-time data but once extracted it becomes static and dead at that point. iCharts eliminates exporting by creating second by second, real-time charts. These charts and graphs can be built on a NetSuite dashboard, that can be published out to the organization so everyone can see the data within their role on a unified platform. This will assist to further centralize access of the data, and eliminates yet another document from being passed around via email.

iCharts native charts on dashboard

Charts in a custom portlet within a NetSuite dashboard

To learn more about real-time visual reporting inside NetSuite without exporting to Excel, visit our iCharts for NetSuite page.

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