We’ve created a brief video to walk you through exactly how iCharts for NetSuite works. Take a look—and see how easy it is to view, build, and share iCharts directly inside of NetSuite.

As you can see, iCharts comes bundled with premade, customizable charts for various verticals, including sales, finance, customer support, and supply chain. The charts are easy to share and can be viewed directly from the NetSuite home screen.

Because the data visualizations created with iCharts are interactive in real time, you can quickly drill down into the data to get a more complete picture of the numbers. You can drill all the way down to the transaction-level raw data, and you can apply interactive filters to view precisely the data your team needs.

iCharts adds even more value by allowing you to create visualizations from a variety of data sources, including NetSuite saved searches. With just a few clicks, you can name the chart, include your desired variables, set filters, format your visualization, and save it as an image or a PDF so it can be easily shared. Or, you can publish it directly to your NetSuite dashboard.

Learn why everything is better with visuals—and why NetSuite is better with iCharts.