The biggest obstacle between an organization learning from their Q1 results and capitalizing on their Q2 strategy is knowing what to do with their data. The time and money lost from manually exporting your data from Q1 can be alleviated by following some of these tips from the iCharts customer success team.

Saved Searches

When exporting data, saved searches enable you to merge your list of contacts, leads, prospects, customers, and any other reports into one cohesive customizable workflow. These dynamic saved searches function in real-time, allowing you to identify potential threats to your Q2 strategy before they become a problem.

Saved Searches are your best friend when exporting data. They enable you to keep saved lists of contacts, leads, prospects, customers or any other object that you’d like within your NetSuite instance. Saved searches are also dynamic in that they keep their own criteria and can be updated to include the latest and greatest data that you have in your NetSuite system.

For instance, if you’re marketing to a group of contacts that are associated with high-value, high-probability opportunities, you can create a saved search that includes these records.


Field Mappings

By saving your field mappings, your data will automatically populate into your customized saved search.

  1. Import CSV file
  2. Select data specific field
  3. Match specific field to corresponding NetSuite field (Errors will occur if fields do not match)
  4. Click next to save mapping and begin reporting

Note: Pay attention to your field mappings when importing, and then make sure that you save them for future use. If you’re not using a custom entry form, doing this will save you tons of time on future imports.


If manually importing/exporting data to and from NetSuite is a daily reality for you and your business, iCharts is the native solution that will eliminate working outside of NetSuite instance.

  1. Native Solution
  2. No more exporting data
  3. Real-time visual analytics



To learn more about real-time visual reporting inside NetSuite without exporting to Excel, visit our iCharts for NetSuite page.

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