iCharts suiteapp of the yearIf you’re thinking about using analytics on your NetSuite data, you’ll want to attend “Preparing NetSuite for Analytics,” our breakout session at SuiteWorld 17. Join us on Tuesday, April 25th at 2:45 pm to hear from NetSuite and analytics experts, along with real NetSuite customers. Learn how data preparation makes analytics smarter, faster, and more useful. Discover proven techniques for preparing your data with minimal hassle, and hear hard-earned lessons from real-world customers. We hope to see you there!

Session Details

“Preparing NetSuite Data and Processes for Analytics”

Where: SuiteWorld 17, Las Vegas, NV

Session Number: OPS4966-SPO

When: Tuesday, April 25th at 2:45 pm PST

What: A panel of NetSuite and analytics experts will discuss the best ways to prepare NetSuite data for analytics, and why you should.


  • Bryan Bishop, Director of Supply Chain & Export Control Officer, Akustica
  • Gary Cifatte, CTO at Candy.com

Learn how to:

  • Structure your data for analytics
  • Identify errors in your data and processes, then fix them for good
  • Construct a single source of truth for your data
  • Build a plan for evaluating and adjusting your data processes
  • Prepare for common obstacles and challenges

When it comes to analytics, the old saying is true, “garbage in, garbage out.” Even the best analytics tools are only as good as the information you give them. To get the most out of analytics, you need to take steps to prepare your data. From the way you capture data, to the way you store it, the more you optimize your data processes, the more effective analytics can be. Attend this session to learn why and how you should prepare your NetSuite for analytics. We hope to see you there!

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