The visualizations created with iCharts for NetSuite are based off of NetSuite’s Saved Searches. At first glance, you might incorrectly assume that you need to create a new saved search for every new chart you want to create. But in fact, you can also produce dozens of charts running off the same saved search by broadening your searches and removing certain criteria. This one-to-many mindset saves time and allows you to produce many charts with minimum saved search maintenance – and any changes happen at the chart level, not with the Saved Search. The criteria typically need to pair down a Saved Search to something very specific is not necessary for building the charts because this kind of filtering is built right into iCharts.

NetSuite Saved Search Example

Typically, you would approach the saved search to give you exactly the one chart you are looking for.  For example, let’s say you are making a chart to show last years performance for one of your teams.  If it is activity-based performance, you would typically approach the Saved Search with criteria that will look something like this:

NetSuite saved search


The results tab based off that Saved Seach would then look like this:


This results allows you to build the performance chart you we looking for:


Time Saving Tips for Chart Creation

Now we’ve got this great chart, and you realize it would also be nice to see similar performance for all of your teams… and another chart with sales broken down by month over this year and last year…  However, because the original criteria specified on the search because is too restrictive, you would need to create another Saved Search.

There is a way to avoid this by changing to a one-to-many mindset.  This means keeping searches unaggregated by having few criteria, and many results.

In other words, to create all these charts mentioned above, I would broaden my Saved Searches with no criteria at al, by:
a. Selecting the sales reps I want to see in my Compare By field
b. Adding “Year” as a formula in the Saved Search, then adding that as a filter on the chart itself

Compared to the original example, Saved Searches that avoid this predicament and allow you to build many charts off of them have few or no criteria, with many results:


This mindset will save you a lot of time in the chart creation process.

To learn more about iCharts, visit our iCharts for NetSuite page.

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