A saved search is a defined set of filters that return the latest data meeting that criteria.

Since saved searches are executed in real-time, you save the search definition but not the results.

  • A Saved Search is a request for information. By specifying criteria and results information you will be able to search through hundreds, thousands or millions of records in NetSuite to pinpoint exactly what you need.
  • You need to specify the Record Type you want to search. Then you would provide criteria and results you want to see.

How to create a saved search

You can create a saved search in any of the following ways:

  • Go to Reports→Saved Searches→All Saved Searches→New and select the record type for the saved search.
  • Transactions→Management→Saved Searches→New or List→Search→ Saved Searches→New.
  • Go to List→Search→Saved Searches→New   
  • On a simple or advanced search definition page, click the Create Saved Search button.


Follow any of the ways above to access the saved search page, for this example I will use:

  • List→Search→Saved Searches→New

Saved Searches in NetSuite

  1. Select the NetSuite Record Type you wish to search in; for this example we will use iCharts Sales QuotaSaved Searches in NetSuite
  1.   Be sure to title the saved search then click Save.



  1. Set criteria to narrow your search, I have set a Date range in this example.Saved Searches in NetSuite

NOTE: I set a custom date range for this search that is static. Click in the field that says (Custom) in this menu to see a range of dynamic date ranges that will roll as time passes.


  1. The Results tab will indicate columns to be included in the search results as well as sort Order.Saved Searches in NetSuite


  1. Repeat these steps to add as many criteria and results elements as you like to your Saved Search.


NOTE:  Be sure to check the Public box or select who you wish to have access by modifying permissions in the Audience tab. This is a custom record type,  ‘For info on creating a custom record, see this article, Custom Records in NetSuite.’


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