This series of posts features insights from our latest e-book, Best Practices for Visual Analytics: A Guide for NetSuite Users, Leaders, and Administrators.This is the third post in the series.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Your sales team is prepping for a company-wide meeting and needs to present the latest figures. Because NetSuite’s native reporting options are somewhat limited, that means exporting your NetSuite data to Excel and creating charts and graphs there.

Time-Consuming, Inefficient Process

You know that creating the reports will be a time-consuming process, so a week ahead of time, you assign one team member to handle exporting the NetSuite saved searches and preparing reports. And whenever there’s a change request, she has to spend even more time revising the reports. This takes away from her sales duties, but it can’t be helped. Someone has to do it.

While this is a surprisingly common workflow for NetSuite users, it’s a frustrating, inefficient process. And aside from the time wasted, there are two other major drawbacks.

data export

Outdated Data

First, the data used to create the reports can never be entirely accurate. How can it be, when it’s not captured in real time? Visualizations based on data exported to Excel are out of date as soon as the data leaves NetSuite.

What if a major order comes in right before the company meeting? You have two choices: export the data all over again and re-create all the reports that you already spent so much time on, or move forward with the existing reports, knowing that they’re inaccurate.

Potential for Data Breaches

NetSuite is a secure system, with processes in place to protect your confidential data. But once that data is exported to Excel, it can be saved by an individual user and shared with just about anyone. Do you really want to run the risk of having your sales figures fall into the hands of your competitor?

A Better Approach with Visual Analytics

Wouldn’t you rather have a more efficient process—one that makes use of real-time data and keeps your confidential information secure?

It’s all possible when you choose a visual analytics solution that integrates directly with NetSuite. You don’t have to waste time on data exports. You can tap into the very latest data. And you won’t run the risk of unauthorized access to your confidential data.

A visual analytics solution helps you extract the most value from your NetSuite data. Learn more by downloading our latest e-book, “Best Practices for Visual Analytics: A Guide for NetSuite Users, Leaders, and Administrators.

To learn more about real-time visual reporting inside NetSuite without exporting to Excel, visit our iCharts for NetSuite page.

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