“Analysis as a Service could be a killer business app.” declares respected Silicon Valley business trends writer Tom Foremski about iCharts for NetSuite.

Big Data promises valuable, actionable insights into business performance and customer behavior. But actually making sense of all that data can be tricky.

That’s why a robust visual analytics solution is essential. The right solution allows you to easily integrate multiple data sets. You can also create and share information quickly, with visualizations that can be understood at a glance.

Here’s a brief snippet of Tom Foremski’s article entitled “Big Data everywhere: NetSuite runs iCharts”:

“The recent announcement by Netsuite and iCharts caught my eye because it addresses the pain points of multiple data set integration and distribution using a cloud-based model.

And by being natively embedded inside Netsuite dashboards, iCharts is able to reach users wherever they are, on whatever screens they live on, with easily understood, actionable business information.”

Many thanks to Tom Foremski and ZDNet for covering iCharts. Read the full article here.

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NetSuite + iCharts