Fairlife, an innovative producer of dairy products, discovered the importance of reconciling data from multiple sources in its production facility in near real-time.

In order to process 2 to 3 million pounds of milk that arrives in its facility every day, Fairlife captures data in multiple systems throughout the production process. Yet in order to keep track of the costs, the finance team needed to manually export the data from multiple systems and spend several days formatting and preparing the reports in Excel for weekly management meetings.  This process of manually recreating reports often involved multiple people working hours a day every week.

This approach caused a lag of several days between the time the data was exported and the time the insights surfaced. But given the fickle nature of dairy products, Fairlife needed a way to keep up with the cows in real time.

How Fairlife leveraged iCharts and Google Cloud Platform to automate its reporting

Fairlife Finance Director Brian Kroschell used iCharts, a natively embeddable cloud business intelligence solution for SaaS. iCharts is natively integrated into NetSuite, allowing Brian to slice and dice the company’s NetSuite data in real-time. However, the data was incomplete: there was still a need to automate reports of non-NetSuite production data, alongside the NetSuite data, for a complete view of the company’s production.

iCharts introduced Fairlife to its Google BigQuery integration, which streams all production data directly into BigQuery, allowing Brian’s team to see up-to-the-minute analytics against the transactional production data.

The result has been a much more agile production process, with many hours and FTEs saved every week. Once the reports are built, the team can focus on building the next order of deeper, more granular reports. Instead of manipulating data, the team can focus on taking action.

iCharts for SaaS

iCharts’ primary focus is to enable real-time embeddable business intelligence for SaaS platforms such as NetSuite. By providing analytics of multiple data sources in one place, the integration of iCharts with BigQuery has significantly increased the value and stickiness of these SaaS platforms to their customers, as well as giving them additional revenue sources.

iCharts is completely built on a Google Cloud Platform infrastructure. Today, iCharts is introducing iCharts for SaaS, which combines the iCharts Cloud BI layer with a BigQuery data warehouse, all in a single bundle. The power of iCharts bundled with BigQuery enables any SaaS provider to quickly deploy cloud BI to its customers, regardless of the backend infrastructure, giving them the ability to automate the reports they need to run their businesses.

Free Cloud Pivot Tables for BigQuery from iCharts and other exciting announcements at Google Next!

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