We are proud to announce that iCharts will be attending the 2016 Google Cloud Platform User Conference.

The company’s Founder and CEO, Seymour Duncker, and VP of Marketing, Rico Andrade, will be there to discuss iCharts for Google Cloud Platform, an enterprise-grade visual reporting platform for Google BigQuery.

About iCharts for Google Cloud Platform

fullpage-meeting-chartsiCharts has created a cloud-based visualization solution that sits directly atop Google BigQuery.  With iCharts, you can create enterprise-grade visualizations  and dashboards directly from your BigQuery data.

iCharts provides a nimble visual reporting layer for standard and ad-hoc reports from data residing within BigQuery that can be shared with tens, hundreds, even thousands of users. Users can dynamically slice and dice the data in both visual and tabular format, as well as share their insights through simple web-based sharing methods.

iCharts provides a central cloud-based semantic layer above BigQuery that enables you to centralize standard calculations across your organization. We also enable BigQuery-native sharding for very large data sets.

iCharts is trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world. For more information, contact info@icharts.net.



  • Built for the Enterprise
  • Cloud Native, Embedded End-to-End Solution on top of BigQuery
  • Real-time, Interactive, and Collaborative
  • Opens BI to everyone across the enterprise
  • Enables embedded mashups of different data sources across the organization


Use Cases

  • Make large, 3rd-party data sets such as Nielsen or IRI useful to the entire organization
  • Enable reporting for SAAS Platforms with back-ends that do not support real-time or scalable querying
  • Maintain and display full historical data across different CRM or ERP platforms
  • Combine data sources across the organization in real-time


Learn more about the iCharts Suite of Solutions


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