iCharts engineering has been busy making the new iCharts as good as it can be. In the last few weeks alone, we put out two updates, complete with new features and UX improvements. Here’s a roundup of all the new features in our latest iCharts release.

New Pie Charts

Pie charts were redesigned (and taste better than ever). They have a cleaner look that makes them easier to understand. These new pie charts are perfect for showing information like distribution.

July 2017 Release 1

Cross Browser Support

Users can now use Internet Explorer and Firefox to create dashboards in NetSuite. Our primary supported browser is Chrome. However, not all users prefer to use it. We studied which browsers our customers prefer, and we selected Internet Explorer and FireFox as the next browsers for the iCharts BI experience.

“View Data” for Pivot Tables

In NetSuite, users can now view the data that generates the numbers on their pivot tables. This is a major addition since users can now use low hierarchy fields with a count, or just put the amount and use view data feature to see the itemized list as a search in NetSuite.

July 2017 Release 2

Expand All and Collapse All Rows in Pivot Tables

If you need to expand or collapse all your rows at once, use this shortcut. No more collapsing and expanding everything one by one.

Save As

Users can use an existing chart or dashboard as a template to create new charts and dashboards. This is a workflow improvement that will increase the productivity in our studio.

July 2017 Release 3

Portlet Deployment Screen

After publishing a dashboard or a chart, a link in the confirmation notification will allow users to go directly to the portlet deployment screen. From there, they can control and manage the audience and portlets within NetSuite.

July 2017 Release 4

Increasing the Number of Measures to be Used in a Visualization

Until now, users had a five measure limit in a single visualization. Now we allow users to add up to 20 measures. Even though it’s not a best practice to have a chart with this many measures, it will come handy for pivot tables and mashups with multiple item counts.

To learn more about the New iCharts, head to our product page.

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