Just three short years ago, iCharts was new to the NetSuite ecosystem. At our first SuiteWorld, we didn’t have a fancy booth or a dazzling presentation, but what we did have was a new approach to analytics and reporting. NetSuite customers took note. Within two years, the company had grown 500%, and iCharts was named NetSuite’s SuiteApp of the Year.

Today, I’m excited to show you what we’ve been working on for the past year. We are announcing the launch of the All-New iCharts for NetSuite. This release is, without a doubt, the biggest update in company history. We listened to hundreds of customers and their needs. As a result, we built everything from the ground up, from the user interface on down to the software architecture.

The latest version of iCharts started with a question: what would we build if we could start from scratch? What’s the best way to deliver insights and help customers run their organizations? To get the answer, we got to work. After a year of research, development, and late nights, I couldn’t be more proud of our product, and of the team that put it all together. We’re excited to share it with you.

1. Brand New User Interface

We completely overhauled our user interface to make iCharts more intuitive and powerful. With our new drag-and-drop design, you can build advanced charts in minutes. Spend more time with your data, and less time looking at menus. The new iCharts makes it easy to learn more from your NetSuite data.

The new iCharts also comes with new ways to visualize your data. With new interactive chart types bubble charts and pivot tables, you can analyze data in new ways, and from new perspectives.

With a cleaner look, more intuitive controls, and new ways to show off your data, the latest version of iCharts makes reporting faster and more effective than ever before.

New UI

2. QuickStart Template Charts

Our new QuickStart Templates are the fastest way to get started with iCharts. These new templates come pre-validated based on industry best practices and research from hundreds of users. While everyone’s organization is different, many of their analytics and visualization needs are the same. With this in mind, we created templates for needs like finance, sales, and support. Here are a few examples:

  • Sales and Finance charts from the Transaction record type.
  • Sales Bookings charts from the Opportunity record type.
  • Support charts from the Case record type.
  • And we’re always adding more!

When you start with our QuickStart Templates, you don’t just save time, you get something pre-validated. To get access to the QuickStart templates, talk to your iCharts Customer Success Manager, or follow the instructions in our “Accessing and Installing the iCharts Templates” article in our knowledge base. If you have a chart that you would like to submit to our QuickStart Template library, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us at Support@iCharts.net.

3. Real-Time Pivot Tables

The newest version of iCharts puts real-time pivot tables directly in your NetSuite portlets. After talking to hundreds of NetSuite and iCharts users, this was one of our most requested features. For a data analyst, pivot tables are a crucial part of their job. Because of this, some users had to hop between programs. As part of iCharts mission to put all of your data in one place, we added pivot tables to our latest version and put them right on your NetSuite dashboard. Best of all, they’re even better than Excel’s pivot tables, because they’re based on real-time data.

4. Much More

  • New chart types
  • New sharing features
  • Increased Studio workspace
  • Redesigned dashboards
  • Filter by date and range
  • Mashup data from 3 or more sources
  • And more features on the way!

For a full list of what’s new, check out our Release Notes.

If you’d like to see the New iCharts in action, schedule a demo, or come to booth #101 at SuiteWorld 2017 in Las Vegas.

To learn more about the new iCharts for NetSuite, visit our product page:

Learn More about iCharts for Netsuite