We have released a string of new features to improve your data editing experience:
You can view your chart with data you are still polishing as you are editing. Before you had to edit your data in a separate window, save your data and close out of the window in order to see the changes that have been made to your chart. Now you can finalize your data and view your chart simultaneously so you can see how your data is changing with your strokes. Here’s how:

Click on View Data along your master menu items at the top
When your Data Editor displays, simply click the cells you’d like to modify
Hitting enter commits your changes to your chart instantly or click on the refresh icon on the top right corner to view your modifications

Move your data editor anywhere you’d like by drag and dropping it into place.
Resize it to any desired dimension so you can view your data without losing sight of your chart.
Transpose your data and rearrange your row data into your column data or vice versa.