You can now log into your account with your Facebook credentials. You can find the Facebook login next to the iCharts login fields. Go ahead and skip having to type in your email and password over and over again. One click and you are set to chart! For those of you who created your iCharts accounts before today, you can only log into your same account if the email address you have with Facebook is the same email address you have with iCharts. If they are not the same, and you try to log in with Facebook, you will end up creating a new iCharts account instead of connecting with your already established one (with all of your previously created datasets and charts). Additionally, if your initial iCharts password is different from your Facebook one, and you decide to manually type in your password into the fields with your Facebook password, you will not successfully sign in. Continue using your original iCharts password. If you choose to log in with Facebook instead, and the passwords are different, your log in process will move forward without a hitch because it will use your Facebook credentials as a secure pairing. If you just signed up for an account with your Facebook credentials, continue logging in with our Facebook button.