Your data is meant to be seen. You want your points to be heard and you want to spark a dialogue about and because of your data. iCharts released a cleaner and more elegant way to do just that within your iCharts gallery and studio. You have always had a choice between not sharing the chart on the web at all (Do Not Share) or sharing your chart publicly on the web (Public Share), but now the choices are well defined and much more accessible to you, regardless of where you are in the iCharts tool.


Choosing to make your chart public will generate an embed code for your chart that you can paste into your website or blog. It will simultaneously create a live URL to your chart that you can use within emails, instant messaging or to your social networks.


Public Sharing

And, more, importantly, you can share on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn so easily right from your studio or gallery. You can skip copying and pasting the URL to your social networks by simply clicking on Share to Your Social Network from the Share menu or from the action list in the gallery – you can share your chart to any one of hundreds of social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from either of these entry points.


Social Sharing


If you wish to only publish your chart onto websites of your choosing and nowhere else, hang on tight because the ability to display your chart on websites you explicitly specify (Private Sharing) is slated for release at a later time for upgraded accounts.

In the meantime, share and share away! I am curious how far and wide your charts will go. When they do, drop me a note. I’d love to hear about it.