Wow, it’s been quite a week! Once again, our friends at NetSuite put together another amazing SuiteWorld – our busiest and most successful SuiteWorld to date. For those of us at iCharts, this is our Superbowl – the One Shining Moment we’ve been preparing for all year long. From awards and new releases to panels and keynote shout-outs, here is a full rundown of all of the happenings of the week:

iCharts Named the 2016 NetSuite SuiteApp of the Year!

SuiteWorld started off with a bang when iCharts was selected as the 2016 SuiteApp of the Year. We are ecstatic and humbled by the honor, and as iCharts Founder and CEO Seymour Duncker put it:

“This prestigious award means the world to us. We have been deeply embedded in the NetSuite ecosystem for quite some time, and to see our efforts validated by customers and recognized by NetSuite is a real testament to the hard work our team has been putting into our products.”

New Announcement: iCharts for NetSuite Enterprise Edition!

iCharts has always enabled native real-time visualizations of NetSuite data directly on your NetSuite dashboard. With the release of our new Enterprise edition, NetSuite users can also get insights on their non-NetSuite data directly on their NetSuite dashboard along with key NetSuite metrics.

The external data connector and price point were a huge hit for customers.

Try the iCharts Interactive Demo

A Major Shoutout in Evan Goldberg’s Keynote Address

In his announcement of the upcoming SuiteApp Store and Dashboard Apps, NetSuite CTO Evan Goldberg prominently featured iCharts in his keynote, and even told the audience of several thousand that iCharts allowed for “incredible visualization of things that are happening inside your NetSuite account using a variety of different visualization styles”.

You can see the full announcement here:

Panel discussion featuring three major iCharts Customers

Over 250 people signed up to learn how Bryan Bishop from Akustica/Bosch, Jonathan Holley from Bailey International, Brian Krosschell from fairlife leverage visual reporting and analytics to help run more agile companies. Some of the key best practices and ideas that really emerged were:

      • Real-time insights matter in business today
      • Thinking visually requires a different mindset from working with
      • Get agreement on data sources with key individuals ahead of building
      • Simple charts help adoption over complex charts
      • Keep iterating with your team members – the process is never done


Here is how one of our panelists, Jonathan Holley, explaining how Bailey International uses iCharts:

iCharts CEO Seymour Duncker featured in the SuiteCloud Platform Panel

Sitting alongside key individuals from major companies such as Dun & Bradstreet, Thomson Reuters, and CapGemini, iCharts CEO Seymour Duncker had the pleasure of explaining how NetSuite’s SuiteCloud Platform has enabled iCharts to build our solution for NetSuite customers.


Party Time!

No SuiteWorld would be complete without great parties! iCharts hosted a party at the wonderful Tech Museum, where guests were able to experience an earthquake simulator along other fun science activities. We also co-hosted one of the biggest parties at M Asian Fusion.

And after an incredible week, we take our bows, the lights go down, and the curtains close on another successful SuiteWorld. Thank you all who stopped by our booth, and stay tuned for upcoming press coverage from the event. We hope to hear from you soon!

And if you want to learn more about iCharts, give our Interactive Demo a try:

Try the iCharts Interactive Demo