“This partner’s interactive data visualization solution has witnessed 10 x growth in customer adoption in the past year. The SuiteApp of the Year Award goes to iCharts!”
– Guido Haarmans, Senior Vice President Business Development at NetSuite,

And with those words, iCharts was awarded NetSuite’s most prestigious award in front of other partner representatives at SuiteWorld in San Jose. NetSuite recently released this video to celebrate the occasion:

Try the iCharts Interactive Demo

iCharts has successfully extended the NetSuite investment for hundreds of NetSuite customers by providing real-time data visualization and analytics capabilities directly on the NetSuite dashboard. As iCharts’s Founder and CEO Seymour Duncker explains in the video, “We’re just trying to be the best business intelligence system for all users in that ecosystem and that has been a great, great driver for our business.”

We are ecstatic and humbled by the honor, and as iCharts Founder and Seymour explains:

“This prestigious award means the world to us. We have been deeply embedded in the NetSuite ecosystem for quite some time, and to see our efforts validated by customers and recognized by NetSuite is a real testament to the hard work our team has been putting into our products.”

To learn more how iCharts can extend your NetSuite instance, sign up for our monthly webinar or try our interactive demo.

Try the iCharts Interactive Demo