comScore released their monthly comScore qsearch analysis of the U.S search marketplace. The explicit Core Search can make you jump at first and make you wonder what exactly is the ” Explicit Core Search ” is. At an interview with Cameron Meierhoefer, comScore’s executive vice president of analytics, he explains what  Explicit Core Search means and what the changes will cover. Explicit Core Search requires user engagement with a search service with the intent to retrieve search results. *“Explicit Core Search” excludes contextually driven searches that do not reflect specific user intent to interact with the search results. These searches are more likely to result in a click on a paid ad or contribute to a search engine’s bottom line, in some way. I would really recommend that you read the : Q&A: comScore’s New “Core Search” & “Explicit Core Search” Figures .

Google Sites led the U.S. explicit core search market in August with 64.8 percent market share, followed by Yahoo! Sites with 16.3 percent (up 0.2 percentage points) and Microsoft Sites with 14.7 percent (up 0.3 percentage points). Ask Network accounted for 3.0 percent of explicit core searches (up 0.1 percentage points), followed by AOL, Inc. with 1.3 percent.

More than 17.1 billion explicit core searches were conducted in August, with Google Sites ranking first with 11.1 billion searches. Yahoo! Sites came in second with 2.8 billion (up 1 percent), followed by Microsoft Sites with 2.5 billion (up 1 percent). Ask Network delivered 510 million searches (up 3 percent), followed by AOL, Inc. with 229 million.