After nearly 20 years jumping between sales, consulting, development and managing roles in the business world, tech-savvy Satya Krishnaswamy discovered a solution to the disconnect between social and traditional CRM channels when he founded NextPrinciples, a social analytics and engagement platform for the next generation. The following is Part 1 of an exclusive interview with iCharts, where he shares his insight on the role that social plays in business.

Satya said that the business of CRM has held a lot of promise ever since it began in the late 80s and early 90s, when it evolved its tools through call centers and email vendors. According to Satya, a CRM network…

…truly helps companies manage relationships with customers… and only over the last five to seven years have companies truly started using the true potential of CRM across the board – from a sales perspective to marketing, and customer support.

Satya Krishnaswamy

NextPrinciples employs a range of social media when working with their client’s CRM, but Satya ranks the following order of social platforms based on their ability to aid relationships in business. In his own words:

  1. LinkedIn: From a B2B perspective, definitely the most valuable. There is typically more meat in the content that you find on LinkedIn, especially in the groups.
  2. Twitter: A great amplification medium because it makes it easy to tweet, reply to, and favorite things. It allows you to quickly and easily spread messages about content that you published or that you see somewhere else. Twitter is the practical side.
  3. Facebook: This site tends to be favored by consumer brands because most of these profiles are individuals and we tend to take an interest in what our friends are buying as consumers, so brands usually find more eyeballs and engagement on Facebook.

As mentioned above, Satya isn’t solely concerned with showing companies how to better use these social channels, but in bringing these together with traditional platforms that improve a company’s overall CRM.