“Word-of-mouth”  (WOM) is one of the oldest forms of marketing and by far the most effective.  What is the secret behind this kind of marketing? Frankly, people don’t trust marketers they trust family, friends, friends of friends and other people they know and respect. As stated by Malorie Luchich, the spokesperson for Facebook: “People share, read and generally engage more with any type of content when it’s surfaces through friends & people they know and trust.”

With the boom of the Internet, information was able to spread at light speed around the world driving mass media advertising.  But thanks to social media platform, information can now reach target audiences better than before.

There are four reasons people talk about your company/product:

Because they love it

Because they were turned off by it

Because they were asked their opinion about it

Because their community is talking about it

Offline or on be sure to give people a reason to talk about your company and/or product.  And above all TALK to your consumers as if they were your friend or someone you respect.  Be honest with your marketing and be willing to build a relationship with your consumers because at the end of the day they are your best brand ambassadors.

How do you feel WOM marketing has changed since the conception of Social Media platforms? What brands do you follow on twitter or on Facebook? Do you trust the brand more now since you started “following” them?