Mark Zuckerberg, started his keynote speech at f8 with some big data : “A record 500 million people used Facebook the same day. We’re connected now. The next era will be defined by the social apps that use these connections.”  We’ve now learned that there are over 800 million Facebook users globally. We have all noticed some changes during the last week on Facebook and as always some of us liked it and some of us was not so happy about them. Well, there are definetly a lot more to come by the end of September.

Facebook profile : Your profile has been the place where you tell your story. This is where people spend the most amount of time and Facebook will now turn this into a Timeline. Timeline is the story of your life, in a single page. This is about a new way to express yourself, and as you can see, it’s much richer visually. The design of the page is very visually attractive. The images are bigger and better . As Zuckerberg would describe, it’s a “frictionless experience”.

Chris Cox, vice president of products said, infographics have become very important — visualizing huge amounts of data. Timeline is about doing that for a person. What would a year in review look like for a person? Scrapbooks have been around for centuries, and this is a similar activity. Chris Cox, Facebook VP of product, says people love infographics. Shown here: the visual history of Wikipedia. Cox said how this idea was the inspiration behind the Facebook Timeline, when the question was asked: What would a one year report for a person look like?

Chris Cox, vice president of products talks about infographics at f8


They want to gather all the information about one person on one big page. I find this rather scary. The scarrier part is that they want us to see patterns on Friend’s actions. No wonder why some people choose to call Facebook Stalkbook… 🙂 Facebook is also allowing users to find patterns in this activity by digging a bit deeper on friends’ profiles. This is what they call “Real-time serendipity”.  For example, you can see a friend’s favorite bands or albums based on Ticker activity from Spotify. You can see “Oh, friend is listening to song, I’ll listen too at the same time.” Same goes for movies. One doesn’t need to leave Facebook anymore to listen to music and watch movies.

Zuckerberg said all of these changes are being made possible by “The Open Graph, a completely new way to discover things through your friends, through frictionless experiences, real-time serendipity and finding patterns.”

Overall, I like the design and all the new features. How much of it I would like to use is questionable. I definetly wouldn’t want to have a timeline of my life in one page but I can think of some mothers creating a timeline for their newborns and hand it over to them when they are old enough to have their Facebook account 🙂 A bit like as they say : a scrapbook.

At the end , Facebook will gather massive amounts of data on their already 800 million global users and what they can do with it can be quite powerful. I would like to see my timeline on an infographic very soon.