Instagram is an iPhone photo-sharing application that allows you to apply  11 interesting filters to your photos to make them look vintage. Instagram, is gaining more popularity each given day with some incredible numbers. Instagram hit 1 million users just under three months of their launch and doubled that amount in 6 months reaching to 2million users as they have announced in their blog.  After only 9 months they are enjoying the success of nearly 7 million users with more then 150 million photos uploaded since their first day while it took Flickr to hit that number 2.5 yrs.

It is becoming more important how fast one gathers new users. Growing at around 1 million users per day, Google+ has outshined Facebook, which took three years to grab 25 million people, and Twitter, which took a little more than 30 months to reach that level, ComScore said. Showing steep increase in users in a very short period of time.  I think for an iphone based only photo sharing application to reach nearly 7 million users in 10 months is a big achievement. I use Flickr a lot to share my photos and I embrace the community that supports me daily but look at how long it took them to get to  100 million photos . I take a lot of photos with my iPhone and I can easily say that my top three applications that I use most often are Instagram, Hipsamatic and CameraBag. They each have their own flaws but I find Instagram much easier to use and share thus making Instagram very social. It quickly became my first choice of application . I am even happier with it now that I can access my photos and others from Flipboard. Main points of strength are

  • Ease of use
  • Great range of effects
  • Can apply any filter to existing photos
  • Easy to share
  • Access to an amazing community of great talent

Negative point:

  • I can think of one only, it’s easy to follow people but hard to unfollow .

Coming back to the growth numbers, I am not surprised by them at all, as more and more mobile devices now have advanced camera systems built in and the photo-sharing becomes ever more convenient. Iphone 4 has been the most popular choice of camera in the photography community, flickr, since it’s launch passing popular cameras like Nikon D90 and Canon EOS 5D MarkII.  Also iPhone users are recognised as heavy consumers of mobile Internet . The user numbers and number of photos that are being shared will only increase in the future. Think about the web application, and the added Android users into the pool. When there is  a growing community of people using Instagram it’s evident that it becomes ever so popular by some brands out there who would like to get their share of the enthusiastic user base. London based Indie Band The Vaccines  created an organic connection with their fans on their last Instagram Campaign. The Vaccines call out to their fans to upload images from gigs and summer festival with a hashtag #VACCINESVIDEO for a chance to be part of their single’s video “The Wet Suit” . I am sure in the coming months we will see more creative uses of Instagram among different brands and more in the music industry. The festival goers, musical fans and other creative projects will only increase the user numbers.     Do you use Instagram? What’s your favourite photo application? Tell us more on the comments.