So were you waiting for the iPhone 5 announcement and now like me a bit disappointed in the iphone 4S announcement. I was  getting so used to saying “I want the iphone 5, can not wait ! ” and all of a sudden not too excited about even pronouncing the iphone 4S.  Well , one can always call it the new iphone 4.  I am not sure who has started the whole iPhone 5 rumor some say to get the google search stats going. Check out the stats here how they started picking up right before the announcement yesterday.

The strategy is all in the pricing

I really do not agree with CK Lu, Gartner, on the iPhone 4S “Apple no longer has a leading edge – its cloud service is even behind (Google’s mobile operating system) Android; it can only sell on brand loyalty now. Users may wait to buy the next iPhone; if they can’t wait, they may shift to brands with more advanced specifications.” I might be speaking for myself on this but I think they are actually opening the market to a wider audience with multiple pricing point.

Ming-chi Kuo, analyst at Concord Securities in Taipei said “There are still many consumers who don’t have the iPhone experience, and Apple still has a lot of markets and carriers to enter, so when there’s a new model with better specs, it helps to lift shipments. The iPhone 4S targets users who are expiring on their two-year 3GS contract.” I believe that Apple has been very clever positioning iphone 4S and the cheaper versions of Iphone 4s.

They know the competition. More people are buying Android smartphones than iPhones. This is a fact and no one can argue against . According to recent estimates from comScore, Android’s U.S. market share is 41.8% to Apple’s 27%. In Europe, where Symbian still reigns, it’s 22.3% for Android vs. 20.3% for iPhone.

Worldwide, some analysts now think Android as having nearly 50% of the smartphone market. So will they reach this number : Apple to Sell 107M Handsets by 2012?

The design – When it works why change it

So after all what everyone was really expecting from Apple was a physical change. They wanted to have a new design to stand out in their hand. After all, the Apple is the leader of cutting edge design. May be because I will be switching from 3GS to iphone 4S I am not too bothered. I am at the end quite excited about all the faster, and better iphone. Funny enough camera was the only thing I was so worried about. Now I can not wait to get my hands on the new iphone and start snapping some photos and all the photo applications will be much faster. My instagram was starting to play up after the last update. You have to check out some of these high resolution photos taken with the new iPhone 4S.

Voice-Control a slow adaption?

Yesterday’s announcement was all about the software the voice-controlled “personal assistant”. Apple product people think that this feature will be a slow adaption and I can imagine why but once you are used to it I can easily see the comfort in that.

The personal Cloud Service is a great customer service across their products

A recent Forrester report forecast that the number of Americans subscribing to personal cloud services would jump from 65 million today to 196 million in 2016. We peg the personal cloud market at $12bn by 2016.” Apple will be ready to embrace this crowd with their iCloud software. All your personal content, work documents, purchased items can be accessed from anywhere. This is one seamless experience.

So here I am looking at my old iphone which I held for more then 2 years and it is now looking all very worn out 🙂 and I can not wait for the 14th of October when they release iPhone4S in England and if you are not all too excited about this release there will be always a next June.