Did you know the nation’s Latino population grew to more than 50 million in 2010, more than double its size in 1990, and up 46.3% since 2000 (Census 2010).  According to the census, Latinos consisted of 56% of the population growth in the United States from 2000 to 2010.

Although the Latino population has grown, a national study performed by Pew Hispanic Center in 2010 showed Latinos were less likely to use digital technology of any other ethnicity.  The study showed Latinos were found to be less likely than whites to access the internet, have a home broadband connection or own a cell phone.

Education was a controlling factor in the study.  On average, Latinos had lower levels of education and lower income than whites.  However, Latinos and Whites that shared similar socioeconomic characteristics had similar usage patterns.

To read the complete study on Latinos and the use of digital technology, click here to be directed to the Pew Hispanic Center.