LinkSource Technologies is a leading security and telecom lifecycle management company. Enterprise organizations around the world turn to LinkSource to help navigate the complex world of telecom and minimize the threat of hackers and cyber attacks. To make sure they can recommend the best products to their clients, LinkSource regularly evaluates new technologies. As part of these evaluations, LinkSource began using iCharts about a year ago. Today, they use iCharts to track key sales metrics and make more informed business decisions.


Prior to iCharts, LinkSource used another tool that did not meet their needs. After they moved to NetSuite, they realized they didn’t have a simple, quick way to export key data. Simply put, they couldn’t gather all the data they needed. With two types of revenue (recurring and non-recurring) as well as two lines of business (telecom carriers and cyber security), LinkSource’s data was too complex for many business tools. Because of this, LinkSource exported their NetSuite data into Excel and manipulated it there. Reports took days to build. By the time they were done, the information was out of date. They needed a better way to handle their data.


About a year ago, LinkSource began using iCharts as part of their regular evaluations of emerging technologies. Before long, they were sold. iCharts is a cloud-based analytics platform that embeds right into Software-as-a-Service environments like NetSuite. After some tweaks, iCharts was customized to fit LinkSource’s unique business model and industry focus. Once everything was set up, LinkSource’s complex data didn’t look so complex. iCharts didn’t just allow LinkSource to monitor multiple data sources at once, it added powerful, real-time visuals that anyone could understand. While NetSuite is traditionally used for accounting, the addition of iCharts had such an impact that LinkSource began using NetSuite as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool as well.


Today, LinkSource can quickly access the data they need and visualize it in an easily consumable environment. Ultimately, it helps them make better decisions. According to Curt Lewis, President and CEO of LinkSource Technologies, “iCharts software helped my company, and in particular the sales team, make better and more timely ‘data-driven’ business decisions.” Now, instead of using clunky Excel spreadsheets to manually extract data, LinkSource uses iCharts to automate their reporting. Thanks to iCharts, LinkSource saves hours every week, makes better decisions, and understands their business on a deeper level.

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