According to ComScore numbers released on July 28, 2011 : in June 2011, more than 24.4 million online users in the U.S. visited a site in the Personals category. A deeper look at these visitors revealed that males account for a much larger share of visitors to the category than females. Males made up 56.4% of all visitors to the Personals category, while females accounted for just 43.6%.

Again according to comScore  54% of internet users worldwide are male. Mobile phones play a large part in this. Males, especially in the United States, are more likely to have smart phones. Most studies point out that men overcome the females on owning smartphone, being on-line more and I think these all play a big role for men to be tempted to visit personals page more then the females out there.

Social networks and social media help us connect with like minded people and grow our circles of friends and people we interact in our day to day lives. People we follow in Twitter, our friends on Facebook and circles in Google + open up an environment where we can connect with more people then ever before. If you compare this to the amount of people we meet each day through work or school on-line environment can easily pass that with a big margin. People who meet their spouse through an on-line dating site is now at number three coming right after meeting through work or school. Source: and Chadwick Martin Bailey Behavioral Studies conducted in 2009-2010
*Population sampled was 18+, 30K+ annual income and had Internet access

I remember the first signs of chat and online dating to be popular by ICQ ( I seek you) back in 2007 and now looking at the personals and dating sites along with the social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and even Linkedin there are endless amount of sites tailored to each interest.
Interesting enough through these numbers we see that you are more like to find a middle aged man on-line as males representing 45-54 are the highest percentage. It’s a different story when it comes to females’ age group in the personals. It is more likely to come across females  between ages of 25-34 looking for a partner to meet on-line.

Our life styles and habits changed drastically because of the internet and mobile technologies. In general, compared to our parent’s generation we get married older, we have demanding jobs with longer hours, we travel more, and move around more in our busy lives. We no longer stick to our traditional ways of meeting our other halves any more. So if you are single and have never tried on-line dating site then what are you waiting for.