LAS VEGAS – Saturday, September 18th, 2011 Floyd Mayweather Jr was victorious in taking the WBC welterweight title from Victor Ortiz.  Although Mayweather celebrated his victory, boos rang out from the crowd from the controversial fourth-round knockout.

Before the knockout, Ortiz had Mayweather against the ropes right before being penalized by referee Joe Cortez for an illegal head-butt against Mayweather.  After a brief time-out Ortiz apologized to Mayweather and both opponents were then to touch gloves and get back to fighting.  Mayweather quickly threw a left hook and a crunching right that dropped Ortiz to the canvas at 2:59.

”In the ring, you just have to protect yourself at all times. I was victorious. If he wants a re-match, he can get a re-match.“ 34-year old Mayweather said.

The 24-year old Ortiz apologized to Mayweather: ”I am not a dirty fighter. I am sorry for that. But I was doing just fine until that slip-up so I would love this re-match.“

With talks of a rematch filling the arena one thing is for certain, boxing fans everywhere would like to see more.  But do we really want to see Mayweather and Ortiz battle in the ring again? I think we have waited and are deserving of the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.

This is the fight everyone wants but who knows if the day will come where Mayweather would agree to fight Pacquiao.  Unlike Ortiz, Pacquiao is a different breed- a faster, stalking, more disciplined fighter who would be better positioned to both out-point Mayweather or knock him out.  Pacquiao is known as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the game right now and with Mayweather’s 42 undefeated victories there is much to lose for the 34-year old boxer from Michigan.  If Pacquiao knocks him out or wins the match, Mayweather’s legacy would be ruined forever.

So why aren’t these fighters setting a date in the ring? Currently there are some discrepancies with Mayweather’s fighting terms: “Mayweather wants Pacquiao to undergo random Olympic-style drug testing leading up to 14 days prior to the fight and another right after the fight. The two sides are 10 days apart as Pacquiao agreed to the Olympic-style blood drug testing, but no later than 24 days before the fight.”

Pacquiao agrees to the testing but does not agree to have blood drawn from him 2 weeks before the fight because he feels as though it could make him weak and he will need all his energy in order to successful combat his bigger opponent.  While the men clear out their discrencies we the people will be here waiting to see these two amazing fighters battle it out during their prime time.

Who do you think will win? Los Angeles Times asked the question and the poll results are listed in the interactive chart.

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