Pinterest recently had an amazing growth lately. Membership is now over 4 Million and increased unique page views place them to the top ten Social Websites. Recent Hitwise data reveals Pinterest is on the rise. Of the top ten social networking web properties, Facebook and YouTube hold the highest positions with total visitation in the billions. Pinterest has made it into the tenth position of 6.581 social site properites that were considered for the positioning.

I have registered for Pinterest at the begining of March and became addicted to it straight on.  Pinterest is a visual bulletin board for the Web. It has endless amounts of ideas curated by it’s users from photography, to quotes, style, hair style, home decoration, places to visit. These images are grouped together on a user’s page and these are called board which inspires us or simply organise our insripations. Pinterest has been around for about two years by now and it is still an invite only registration. Daily I sign up for new websites and go through the hassle of signing up for beta, connect through Facebook or twitter and finally test the product in it’s early stages. There are many where they loose me in a second and a handful of them I get to keep and admire. Pinterest is  one of them.


In my opinion the user experience design makes Pinterest successful :

Ease of use :

Once you created an account you can easy add the pinterest bookmark to your browser to pin things you like in other websites or inside the Pinterest network. The whole experience is very seemless drag and drop.

Visual :

I think we are becoming more and more visual when it comes to websites. Take a look at some new designs such as Stumbleupon. From the tendency of microblogging we prefer less text , more image.


One can spend just endless amounts of hours there just looking at all sorts of images. Day dreaming, procrastination and boom end of productivity 🙂 Once you dive into populars and you start linking from one image to another you know that this is going to last a long time. Each page of pins on Pinterest is perfectly designed to be never-ending. You will soon realise you are scrolling down forever and  more images are loading. Be careful it is super addicting.

Fun Factor :

The stickiness part is strong because it is super fun just to look at pretty photos and create your own dream land of boards and pins. The future bedroom, the places I want to visit, the yummy food I want to cook , the books I would like read one day, wedding plans, the style wardrobe you name it Pinterest makes it happen for you.
As they have introduced the pricing into their search criteria it is becoming a crucial site for businesses to consider how to be part of Pinterest and attract the users. If you would like some help on understanding the demographics of Pinterest take a look at the latest results of Ignite of Social : Pinterest Demographic Data: The Marketers Guide to People Who Pin . There are some facts and important numbers to consider : Pinterest has over 4 million users and 80 percent of those users are female.

I am sure as a user or a business owner you will come across Pinterest one of these days if not already. Know your market and check out how others are getting inspired. I personally love Pinterest and it becomes one of these places that I escape to once in a while. Let me know what you have been pinning!