Red Sky Solutions is a security-focused company that creates custom IT solutions across all vertical industries. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Red Sky works with clients to find their IT needs, choose the right IT products, and get everything up and running. Unlike many IT services companies, Red Sky provides solutions from hundreds of manufacturers.

Data Visualization Problem

  • CFO was wasting valuable time building charts for executive team and board of directors
  • Organization lacked visibility into everyday operations
  • Reports used old data and were never quite up to date

Red Sky’s approach to reporting wasn’t getting the job done. Every time someone needed a report, someone had to build it manually in Excel. Often, that someone was the CFO or the VP of Sales, who had more important things to do than build reports. “Our CFO was creating these graphs [in Excel] on his own, and we realized he could be doing so much more,” says Spencer Leatham, Controller at Red Sky Solutions. Because of the inconvenience of building reports, they usually only made them once a quarter. However, the executive team needed more. As the company continued to grow, the need for visibility into daily operations was getting serious.

Financial Solutions

  • Executive team now uses iCharts for NetSuite, with plans for more users
  • Built real-time charts for visualizing sales bookings from a dozen different angles
  • Created a complex line graph that visualizes several aspects of cash flow

When searching for a better way to build reports and visualize their data, Spencer came across iCharts’ demo video, and liked the way iCharts presents data. Before long, Red Sky decided to add iCharts to their NetSuite implementation. “It was a very reasonable price, so I don’t think it was a super hard decision to make,” says Leatham. Working with iCharts, Red Sky built their first charts to address needs in the sales and finance departments. “It’s been nice working with the experienced NetSuite users at iCharts. They’ve helped with a few saved searches that I wasn’t able to figure out on my own,” says Leatham. After working with iCharts to get started, Red Sky was off and running. 

One of their first charts was a four piece, complex line graph to show cash position. The graph combines data on cash balance, AR balance, AP balance, and line of credit balance day-by-day. “We can now see historical trends in our cash position to help forecast our future cash position,” says Leatham. With a single chart, Red Sky can analyze cash flow from multiple angles.

Business Results

  • Hours of labor saved
  • More visibility into business-critical operations
  • Up-to-the minute reports that executive can access at any time

Today, most of Red Sky’s executive team uses iCharts on a regular basis, and they already have plans to add more users. “We’re slowly working on getting our VP of sales and our VP of engineering into NetSuite so they can view these graphs as well,” says Leatham. iCharts has already had an impact on the way Red Sky does business. After iCharts exposed an issue, Red Sky restructured some of their processes for better cash flow. They’ve also improved visibility into everyday operations. “With more visibility, we’ve been able to adjust some of our processes,” says Leatham. Thanks to iCharts, Red Sky can analyze their operation in new ways and back up decisions with comprehensive, real-time data.

Red Sky will be at SuiteWorld 2017. Stop by the iCharts Booth (Booth #101) to learn more about their experience with iCharts.

If you can’t make it, check out our NetSuite Product Page to learn how iCharts can help you get everyone at your organization on the same page.