Super Bowl in Indianapolis on Feb. 5 is just around the corner and everyone is already wondering about the 2012 commercials. This year a handful of companies will be splashing out a whooping amount of$3.5 million for a 30 sec ad. Yes that’s right $ 3.5 which is  17% more then last year. Well when you think about the popularity of this event you can make some sense out of it. Last season’s game between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers set a record in viewership with over 111 million people watching. $3.5 million is only what  companies spend to air the commercials and on top of this they spend a lot more to create amazing commercials that people talk about for years. I remember the exact moment  when I watched the Budweiser Frogs and still find it hilarious. Last year VW’s Darth Vader spot was the most popular of all receiving 48 million views on YouTube, on top of the millions of impressions it made during last year’s Super Bowl telecast.

One of the many highlights of the Super Bowl season is commercials that go along with them and 2012 will be no different. Millions of people  watch the Super Bowl purely for the surprising commercials it delivers. Last year’s top five favorites according to comScore data were Volkswagen’s “The Force”, Bridgestone’s “Carma”, Doritos’ “House Sitting”, Pepsi’s “Love Hurts” and Volkswagen’s “Black Beetle”. Volkswagen’s “The Force” was the clear winner; it captivated young females under 25 years old more than young males of the same age.

I know it is always fun to go back and watch the all time favourites so if you fancy doing so here is a nice list of the past commercials: The Best Super Bowl Ads Of All Time: Budweiser Frogs And Office Linebackers.
Here is the last year’s big winner and still hangs in there in it’s all cuteness. ENJOY!