Finally your social celebrity status is paying off, spending hours on Facebook not only increases your social presence but a study suggest it may also increase the grey matter in your brain or prove you have more grey matter than Joe WhoHasLessFriendsAndUsesFakeMiddleNames Smith.

What is grey matter ? It’s the brain tissue that gathers and processes sensory information linked to intelligence, memory, and social skills.

The study, published October 19th, 2011 in Proceedings of the Royal Society B  was based on MRIs of a group of 125 local students from the University College London.  The study consisted of 46 men and 79 women with an average age of 23 years.  The students were asked to report the number of Facebook friends they had.  The study found those with higher Facebook friend counts had more grey matter density in the amygdala, an area that had already been correlated to real world social network size, as well as other regions including the right entorhinal cortex, an area associated with memory.

“We have found some interesting brain regions that seem to link to the number of friends we have – both ‘real’ and ‘virtual’,” study author Dr. Ryota Kanai, a cognitive neuroscience researcher at the University College of London, said in a written statement. “The exciting question now is whether these structures change over time – this will help us answer the question of whether the Internet is changing our brains.”

On the contrary, another recent study shows Twitter followers doesn’t mean influence, says study. So having a large number of Twitter followers doesn’t mean squat in terms of mentions and retweets, according to the boffins at the Max Planck Institute. A new study, titled “The Million Follower Fallacy,” revealed data suggesting that hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers doesn’t necessarily grant unquestioned influence. I certainly think the engagement that one creates is more influential then the actual number that you broadcast to. The more followers you have makes you smarter, or more influential is a very good topic to discuss and I am sure you have alot to say on this.

Share your thoughts on this story? How many Facebook friends do you have? Do you think that number reflects your social networking skills or overall level of intelligence?