Tumblr’s growth chart shows some incredible numbers. July has been a massive month for dead easy micro-blogging site. Tumblr’s audience has grown 218% to 13.4 million visitors from 4.2 million users . The posting pace is incredible with 26,000 post per minute 1.56 million posts per hour. You can see the growth in the bar chart below and the numbers more in details at the infograph. According comScore, LinkedIn (33.4 million visitors), Twitter (27 million visitors) and Tumblr (10.7 million visitors) have reached all-time audience highs on their websites. This summer it has been all about increased time on the internet.


According to Tumblr website there are 30 reasons why Tumblr is the best way to blog.

  • The most sophisticated email publishing in the world
  • High-Res Photos
  • Multiple postings
  • Hundreds od gorgeous themes of themes to choose from
  • or you can create your own

The above reasons are only 5 top reasons and the rest supports copyright issues, mobility and analytics and all very good reasons to choose tumblr. I must admit I have not chosen tumblr from the beginning like I have never owned hotmail account  or not use myspace. Tumblr has a clean, simple interface and suits the minimalist crowd. Most of the themes appear to be minimalist grey and white affairs but they show off photographs and images beautifully. Tumblr is perfect for light blogging. Ideal for image heavy content and short posts.

I have been a massive fan of Posterous from it’s start. It amazed me how easily you can have a very professional looking blog post in secs without any knowledge of web design. All you have to do is to email your text , photo’s videos to Posterous and boom. Posterous is much much better in it’s autopost capabilities. For ease of use I would go for Posterous. It lets you post anything to anywhere with a simple email. Email attachments are embedded in your post. So if you add photos as an email attachment, it will embed them in your post for you. You can also upload them to Flickr at the same time which I never use this option but for some it can be useful. Multi posting works perfectly, letting you simultaneously post to Facebook, Twitter and your other blogs in one quick email. I have the Posterous iPhone app on my phone which I never ever use and do not see the point of using an application when you are actually sending an email. Each blogging site serves to a different community. The Posterous community is I think more of a mix of social media types and tumblr is more image based clippings and sharings online with very short text and heavy image used.

I am really happy to see Tumblr is achieving some great results and wondering what Posterous is not doing right to catch up with them. One reason, I think is down to the community engagement. What do you think ???