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Bailey International

Bailey International Improves Hydraulic Manufacturing Operations with iCharts
Jonathan Holley

“I would highly recommend iCharts to anyone who is considering it. Using iCharts has allowed us to do a better job understanding our data and make better business decisions based on it which has ultimately made Bailey International a better company.”


Jonathan Holley – Marketing Analyst, Bailey International

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About Bailey International

Bailey is a recognized leader in the mobile hydraulics industry and excels at manufacturing and distributing custom and standard components, including cylinders, pumps, motors, valves, hydraulic power units, and thousands of other products.

The Challenge

  • Too much time spent building reports from NetSuite Data
  • Reports based on exported,”dead” data
  • Lacking ability to do certain types of reports

Bailey International is a hydraulic and cylinder manufacturer that leverages NetSuite to manage the enterprise resource planning of the business. The company generates significant amounts of data but has struggled to “make sense” of it and use it in a productive way. A specific pain point has been cross referencing and reconciling entity and record types in various records. A particularly frustrating requirement has been the amount of time and resources it has taken to export data to Excel and create pivot tables. Additionally, the company has lacked the ability the manipulate and collaborate their data in real-time given the static and cumbersome nature of exported data.

The Solution

  • Replace Excel reports with real-time iCharts on the NetSuite dashboard

With iCharts, Bailey International has been able to create, manipulate and collaborate data reports natively within NetSuite in real-time. The company has built specialized dashboards for operations, marketing and sales (both inside and outside). From a sales perspective, the company has significantly increased the ability to focus efforts taking action instead of building reports. Bailey can now see year-over-year sales metrics, by customer, which has given great insight into revenue driving opportunities and metrics. Additionally, the company now has the ability to bring in multiple saved searches, map fields to one another and run relevant calculations.

The Results

  • Hours saved every week building the same reports
  • Reports from a single-source of truth
  • Real-time insights for the entire organization
  • More time spent working instead of manipulating spreadsheets

Since implementing iCharts, the team has been able to spend a lot more time doing deep analysis of data instead of building the same repetitive sales report every week. The team has become much more nimble because they have the information in real-time, and know where they stand at every point.  Because of iCharts, Bailey has been able to maintain all their ERP and CRM functionality in one single system, without introducing a separate CRM system, as iCharts’ capabilities meet the reporting needs of the sales team.

As Jonathan Holley explains, “I knew that what I was doing was producing results, and that has made Bailey a better company.

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