Customer Success Story

iCharts helps Validate Processes and Standardize Metrics
Margaret Reed, CableOrganizer

“The best professional day I’ve had at CableOrganizer is the day we got iCharts launched.  I’m not kidding.  Our sales team and our finance team were so excited to have the product and to finally have the charts up and running.  The days of exporting our data to Excel are over.  Now that we’ve used iCharts, I can’t imagine going back to not having it.”


Margaret Reed – NetSuite Administrator,

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About sells cable management products from cable management supplies, fire safety, and protective gear, supplying an impressive lineup of well-respected organizations, including NASA, Boeing, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Lucent, Pfizer, Walmart, Kodak, Lockheed Martin, Wells Fargo, and many others.

  • Differing reports with inconsistent criteria
  • Multiple spreadsheets were manually updated and consolidated
  • Lack of standard metrics across organization
  • Mistakes had great impact on efficiency

CableOrganizer uses NetSuite to manage its inventory, finance, sales, and customer relationships. Before iCharts, different teams at the company were manually exporting data from NetSuite and building their own reports.  Their sales and finance departments were stuck creating weekly reports, and the hours started to add up. “One of our Sales Managers would spend his weekend doing reports,” says Margaret Reed, NetSuite Administrator at Cable Organizer. Not only was it drain on time and labor, it was a real hassle.


This also led to a lot of back-and-forth and frustrations at weekly meetings, because there wasn’t a single criteria or data that everyone could agree on.  And because these were manually created, there were a lot of manual errors, ultimately costing the company time and money.

  • Used iCharts to help validate NetSuite data and processes
  • Replaced manual Excel reports with automated iCharts directly in NetSuite
  • Rolled out consistent set of metrics to entire staff
  • Made charts available to entire management and production staff to keep them up-to-date

CableOrganizer quickly rolled out iCharts to finance and sales. “They were so excited! We have two sales managers here and one director of sales. We wanted three portlets for them so they could go in and see a snapshot of that information on an hourly basis,” says Reed. The data coming into approximately 45 iCharts was automatically updated from a single source of truth


With iCharts, Reed first noticed that the reports weren’t matching up, giving her the opportunity to dig deeper and realize there were issues with how they were importing their data into NetSuite. As a result, she was able to tighten the companies processes and permissions and standardize the metrics across the entire organization.

  • Standard set of live insights available to the entire organization
  • No more reliance on manual Excel reports
  • Team able to focus on taking action, not arguing about data
  • Improved morale through better understanding

Since implementing iCharts, the employees of can visualize a standard set of NetSuite metrics across the organization  in real time—no more hours spent on exporting data and manipulating it in Excel, and no more costly delays due to inaccurate, differing, and outdated information. The teams have time to take action instead of spending hours creating reports and discussing them.

And because of iCharts, the team has improved its processes around NetSuite, validating the data and improving where needed. As Reed summarizes, “iCharts is a nice add-on to NetSuite, and I would definitely recommend it. I don’t know of any services that provide what iCharts provides. It really saves so much time once you have everything set up, and it’s really helping the business. I can no longer imagine working in an ERP system without a tool like iCharts to provide real-time, visual data.”.

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