Customer Success Story

iCharts helps improve operational workflow, employee efficiency and company morale.

“Since we implemented iCharts we have better responsiveness, we don’t have staff  sitting around with no orders to ship.  The savings on overtime wages alone has been substantial.  I would strongly recommend iCharts as an add-on to NetSuite.  I don’t understand how we ever survived without it.”


Gary Cifatte – CTO,

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Sweets, Snacks, and Gifts is what is all about! Since 2009 the company has been shipping orders around the globe to happy customers. The team is dedicated to making the customer experience one that will bring a smile to your face and keep you coming back for more.

The Challenge

  • No way to adequately forecast staffing levels for new orders
  • Staff was unclear about where they might be falling behind in orders
  • Lack of real-time reports
  • Excessive amount of hours creating reports in Excel
  • Unable to keep staff on warehouse floor fully up-to-date

Before iCharts, didn’t have a good way to forecast their demand for new orders and adequately staff their operations on a day-to-day basis.  Creating the trending analysis required to understand the expected number of requests required in an inordinate amount of time exporting the data from NetSuite and manually building reportings using Excel. As a result, the company frequently found itself overstaffed on some days and understaffed on others, requiring additional overtime and weekend hours to keep up with their demand.
They were also having trouble keeping the warehouse staff up-to-date with the latest information they needed to fulfill their orders.

The Solution

  • Build historical trending charts to correctly forecast appropriate staffing levels
  • iCharts dashboard rotating live on warehouse floor to keep staff abreast of real-time information and used to determine Employee of the Month
  • Live data to demonstrate and inform partners of Candy’s cutting-edge capabilities implemented iCharts to allow them to quickly analyze their historical and trending data in real-time. By doing so, they were able to correctly predict the right staffing levels for their organization, saving a tremendous amount of avoiding overtime wages for their employees.


Candy also implemented a rotating iCharts dashboard on their warehouse floor to keep their staff fully abreast in real-time of how they are doing fulfilling their orders of the day and week.  Not only does this inform how to best tackle their current orders, but also creates a friendly competitive environment as each employee sees how they perform against everyone else.  It also enabled management to quickly determine the employee of the month.
When meeting with existing and prospective partners, Candy leverages iCharts’s real-time filtering capabilities to clearly explain how the orders are being handled, and well as reassure these customers of Candy’s cutting-edge capabilities to fulfill their orders.

The Results

  • Streamlined operations to minimize overtime and weekend hours
  • Warehouse staff fully informed of status of orders and how
  • Customers and prospective partners reassured of Candy’s superior abilities to deliver on their orders
  • CTO’s time shifted to working on strategic efforts over building reports. now leverages iCharts for NetSuite and has reduced the amount of overtime and weekend wages as they can now easily make forecasts based on historical and trending data inside of NetSuite.


They warehouse staff is fully-informed on a daily basis, and morale has improved as they are not asked to work overtime to fight fires on a daily basis.  A friendly competition has also resulted from everyone being able to see where they stand relative to each other.


Customers and prospective partners reassured of Candy’s superior abilities to deliver on their orders.
Finally, the Chief Technology Officer who was previously building the same report over and over, several times a week, was able to significantly divert his time to other, more strategic aspects of the operations.

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