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fairlife Leverages iCharts to Become a Real-Time Business
Brian Krosschell

“iCharts has given us the opportunity to bring all of our data to one spot. In terms of building these reports, it saves us hours every day. It has been a huge win for us.”


Brian Krosschell – Finance Director, fairlife

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About fairlife

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The Challenge

  • Excessive amount of time spent getting data and building reports
  • Data was no longer in real-time once exported to Excel
  • General lack of transparency into the real-time costs of the operation

Like many companies, fairlife stores data in several different locations throughout their operation. Historically, it was necessary to export various data sources into Excel, manipulate the data, and then present the data to relevant constituents at least once a week. Due to the static nature of exported data — and the lag associated with the presentation of it — the company was spending a significant hours a day going to each data source and building the same weekly reports over and over.

The Solution

  • Data insights from multiple data sources consolidated into a single location on the NetSuite dashboard
  • Real-time reports replacing manual Excel reports and distribution

Today, fairlife uses two iCharts solutions as one: iCharts for NetSuite, and iCharts CloudScale, to aggregate financial, operational and commercial data across multiple sources into their NetSuite dashboard. The company can now access this data from the entire facility in a visual format in real-time and thus has been able to drastically increase productivity and strategic decision making abilities. Additionally, fairlife has been able to save hours a day for a number of team members by using iCharts which has resulted in significant cost savings.

The Results

  • Hours saved every day in the creation of reports
  • Data insights consolidated into a single location
  • Team can focus on working, instead of manipulating data
  • Management team is kept up-to-date on operations in real-time

Since implementing iCharts, fairlife has saved hours a day in collecting data and building reports.  By leveraging real-time insights, the team has been much more nimble and able to keep track and make adjustments based on live production data, saving hours a day from multiple team members in the process.  The data is no longer scattered in multiple data sources across the organization, but rather in a single location on the NetSuite dashboard.  The management team has also become one of the biggest users of these iCharts, checking the performance of their operations multiple times a day.

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