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SRS Acquiom

SRS Acquiom keeps clients informed with iCharts
Travis Bell

“One of the things that I love about iCharts is that it eliminates the need to run labor intensive tasks of manipulating and exporting data from NetSuite to make it usable.”


Travis Bell – SRS AcquiomAssociate Director of Corporate Development

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About SRS Acquiom

SRS Acquiom provides innovative M&A products and services that deliver better economics with unprecedented ease and efficiency for buyers and sellers. Services include industry-leading escrow investment, payments administration and shareholder representation.

Case Study : SRS Acquiom
The Challenge

  • Exporting reports manually to Excel
  • Spending too much time building reports
  • Lack of real-time visibility into the business

Historically, SRS Acquiom was limited to only a few “gatekeepers” who could manipulate and share data within the group. This was especially a problem for the annual market data study that the company publishes which is heavily based on visual data. Before iCharts the staff members were required to manipulate and export data from NetSuite into Excel in order to present it in a meaningful way.

The Solution

  • Charts automatically created with iCharts
  • Better visibility into the business
  • Time saved creating reports

iCharts has allowed SRS Acquiom to drastically improve the ability to share and manipulate its data. The integration of iCharts significantly reduced the need to export data from NetSuite to Excel and has increased the ability to package and share data — all natively within NetSuite. The company uses over 150 charts in their annual market study reports and over half of these are created automatically using iCharts.

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