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Street Furniture Australia

iCharts helps Street Furniture reduce costs while improving the company reputation
Chris Morgan

“The whole visual management concept, being able to just make decisions based on real live data, is invaluable.  We’ve gone from 200 days to 90 days stock turnover, and brought our stock levels down by several hundred thousand dollars.  We are very much addicted to that data and knowing where we are at, and are in no way keen to going back to the more basic NetSuite reports. iCharts makes life very much simpler and easier for everyone.”


Chris Morgan – Production Manager, Street Furniture Australia

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About Street Furniture Australia

Street Furniture Australia is a design-focused manufacturer dedicated to improving the public realm through innovative and timeless products.  All products use the highest quality materials and are assembled in Australia with great detail and quality control.

  • Excessive amount of hours creating reports in Excel
  • Multiple spreadsheets were manually updated and consolidated
  • Lack of standard metrics across organization
  • Mistakes had great impact on production capabilities

Before iCharts, Street Furniture Australia relied on Excel reports to create reports using NetSuite data. The team was manually creating dozens of reports that needed to be consolidated and checked.  “Generally, it was a mess.”  says production manager Chris Morgan. Because there wasn’t a standard set of metrics for the entire organization, the team had to retune each report it was looking at.  And because the team relied on manually making sure these Excel reports were up-to-date, mistakes would have severe impact on the company’s ability to meet deadlines, costing them a lot of time and money and even doing damage to its reputation.

  • Created an entire visual management production workflow with iCharts
  • Replaced manual Excel reports with automated iCharts directly in NetSuite
  • Made charts available to entire management and production staff to keep them up-to-date

Street Furniture implemented an entire set of dashboards to allow the entire production team to manage the projects through a visual management system.  With iCharts, the company can track day-to-day operations in real time and can even see what’s happening minute by minute. Tracking jobs every step of the way allows employees to identify issues as they arise and handle them before they cause any drama, quickly identifying and taking action on any issues that may arise during production.


These real-time charts replaced the dozens of Excel reports that were manually created and consolidated on a daily basis.  The charts automatically update from the live NetSuite data in the system, directly on the NetSuite dashboard.

  • Standard set of live insights available to the entire organization
  • No more reliance on manual Excel reports
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars saved in inventory and stock turnover down from 200 to 90 days
  • Management team able to focus on managing the company, not building reports
  • Improved reputation from being able to deliver on time.

Since implementing iCharts, everyone at Street Furniture can now visualize all NetSuite data  in real time—no more hours spent on exporting data and manipulating it in Excel, and no more costly delays due to inaccurate, outdated information. Senior managers now have time to manage their departments instead of spending hours creating reports.

Because the data visualizations created in iCharts are so easy to understand, employees don’t need to be an expert in any one department. With just one glance, employees can see where a project is at, where things are going, and what needs to be done. When an order comes into the system that doesn’t have the allocated time or resources, it is picked up immediately and  addressed purely by using that visual management system.

iCharts also gave Street Furniture Australia the ability to better manage its stock levels, reducing stock turnover from 200 days to 90 days and saving several hundred thousand dollars in inventory levels. iCharts has also helped the company stay lean and agile, allowing managers to manage their departments instead of spending time building reports, and improving the company’s reputation as a business that’s able to deliver on time.

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