iCharts for Industries

Manufacturing Analytics for NetSuite

iCharts helps manufacturing companies improve efficiency with real-time insights into their entire production process


As the leading cloud ERP, NetSuite is well established in the manufacturing industry. iCharts’ real-time analytics and reporting can play an important role in managing any production process. When you can visualize the work in process, you can quickly determine if action needs to be taken. Real-time reports can also help you detect problems before they happen and predict future behavior based on early parametric data.

  • Live Process and Production Monitoring

  • Inventory Management

  • Workstation Demand Monitoring

  • Resource Allocation

Manufacturing Chart
Bryan Bishop

“Before we used iCharts, we used to spend a lot of time questioning the validity of the data instead of analyzing it. Now, with iCharts, it’s like reading a morning newspaper. When we wake up in the morning, we can see what happened in our factories across the globe, what has been built and shipped.”


Bryan Bishop – Director of Supply Chain & Export Control Officer, Akustica

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Manufacturing Customer Success Story


iCharts helps Street Furniture reduce manufacturing costs while improving the company’s reputation

About Street Furniture Australia

Street Furniture Australia is a design-focused manufacturer dedicated to improving the public realm through innovative and timeless products.  All products use the highest quality materials and are assembled in Australia with great detail and quality control.

Chris Morgan

“The whole visual management concept, being able to just make decisions based on real live data, is invaluable.  We’ve gone from 200 days to 90 days stock turnover, and brought our stock levels down by several hundred thousand dollars.  We are very much addicted to that data and knowing where we are at, and are in no way keen to going back to the more basic NetSuite reports. iCharts makes life very much simpler and easier for everyone.”


Chris Morgan – Production Manager, Street Furniture Australia

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  • Hours wasted every week building and updating reports in Excel
  • Crucial data was spread across multiple spreadsheets
  • Lack of standard metrics across the organization
  • Data errors were slowing down the production process


  • Created an entire visual management production workflow with iCharts
  • Replaced manual Excel reports with automated iCharts, directly in NetSuite
  • Made charts available to the entire management and production staff


  • Standard set of live insights available to the entire organization
  • No more reliance on manual Excel reports
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars saved in inventory
  • Stock turnover reduced from 200 to 90 days
  • Management team can focus on managing the company, not building reports
  • Improved reputation with more on-time orders

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