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Professional Service Analytics for NetSuite

iCharts helps professional services companies grow by improving their sales operations and offering realtime visibility into their entire organization


Professional services companies need to deal with several moving parts. Every client, or potential client, comes with their own needs. In order to capture sales and deliver the best services you can, your organization needs real-time visibility. With iCharts, salespeople can see how they’re doing and compare it to quotas, historical sales numbers, and more, all in one screen. Meanwhile, executives can track projects, stay ahead of issues, and optimize the organization.

  • Add visibility to the entire organization

  • Keep track of project metrics in one place

  • Measure your team’s performance

  • Give salespeople real-time sales data

Manufacturing Chart
Curt Lewis

“iCharts helped my company, and in particular the sales team, make better and more timely ‘data-driven’ business decisions.”


Curt Lewis – President and CEO of LinkSource Technologies

LinkSource Customer

Professional Services Customer Success Story


Mind Gym Improves Collaboration andSales Productivity with iCharts

Alex Franklin

“Sales motivation requires that individuals have the ability to see their performance and how they are tracking against their targets iCharts has provided us with a user-friendly visual representation of how the sales team is performing.”


Alex Franklin – Commercial Operations Director, MindGym


About Mind Gym

Based in London, UK, MindGym helps 63% of the S&P 100 educate, understand, and connect with their employees. MindGym uses a combination of online courses, proven curriculum, and psychology-based teaching techniques to offer organizations a better way to engage with their employees.

Mind Gym


  • Sales teams around the globe lacked a single source of truth
  • Difficulty comparing sales quotas with actual numbers
  • No real-time insight into sales performance


  • Created visual reports for the entire sales team, based on real-time NetSuite data
  • Added real-time visualizations for revenue, visits, and pipeline
  • Used data mashups to build a quota vs. actuals chart


  • Improved collaboration and productivity throughout the sales organization
  • Gained a standardized set of real-time metrics and improved organizational alignment
  • Increased engagement with NetSuite

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