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iCharts helps SaaS companies keep and add customers with real-time insight into their business


Software-as-a-Service companies have a unique challenge. When you base your business model on subscriptions, every month is another chance to lose precious customers and recurring revenue sources. Because of this, customer metrics like acquisition, churn, and average lifespan are crucial. iCharts gives you interactive, real-time analytics on these metrics and more, all on your NetSuite dashboard.

  • Track Metrics like CAC, LTV, and Churn

  • Build Trending and Accumulating Charts

  • Compare Actuals vs. Plan, Quota, and Budget

  • Start in Minutes with Chart Templates

Manufacturing Chart

“The reason I love iCharts is I was very comfortable with saved searches. Now that everything is built off of saved searches, you can make things as specific or as general as you want.”


Jeffrey Klayman – Financial Systems Manager, BrainPop

Customer Brain Pop Color

SaaS Customer Success Story


BrainPop uses iCharts to get their entire sales team on the same page

About BrainPop

Founded in 1999, BrainPop is an online learning resource that helps kids understand their world. From science to the arts, BrainPop makes it fun and easy for kids to learn. Based in New York City, BrainPop’s software is used in classrooms and homes all around the world.



  • Couldn’t do year-over-year sales reports with NetSuite’s native capabilities
  • NetSuite’s built-in charts didn’t have the interactivity they needed
  • Sales data was spread across multiple locations, with no single source of truth


  • Built real-time sales reports with quotas and year-over-year sales data
  • Created custom charts for the executive team
  • Rolled out iCharts to the entire sales team


  • BrainPop’s executive team has complete visibility of how products are performing
  • Sales team is happier and more productive than ever
  • Everyone is aware of sales numbers and expectations

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