iCharts for Industries

Wholesale Analytics for NetSuite

iCharts helps wholesale distributors improve efficiency with real-time insights into their entire operation


The ability to keep up with orders is critical to any distribution operation. iCharts gives you real-time visibility into your operation and empowers every employee with live updates on your orders. With iCharts, your organization can identify issues before they happen, allocate resources better, and reduce your backlog. When everyone knows the status of orders, from management on down, everyone can use their time more efficiently. No more waiting around for work, or getting slammed without warning.

  • Live Order Monitoring

  • Warehouse Management

  • On-Time Delivery Metrics

  • Resource Allocation

Manufacturing Chart

“Since we implemented iCharts, we have better responsiveness. We don’t have staff sitting around with no orders to ship. The savings on overtime wages alone have been substantial. I would strongly recommend iCharts as an add-on to NetSuite. I don’t understand how we ever survived without it.”


Gary Cifatte – CTO, Candy.com

Wholesale Customer Success Story


iCharts helps CableOrganizer.com validate processes and standardize metrics

About CableOrganizer.com

CableOrganizer.com sells cable management products to NASA, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, and consumers like you. Headquarted in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, CableOrganizer’s products can be found in businesses and homes all around the world.

Margaret Reed, CableOrganizer

“The best professional day I’ve had at CableOrganizer is the day we got iCharts launched. I’m not kidding. Our sales team and our finance team were so excited to have the product and to finally have the charts up and running. The days of exporting our data to Excel are over. Now that we’ve used iCharts, I can’t imagine going back to not having it.”


Margaret Reed – NetSuite Administrator, CableOrganizer.com

Customer Cable Organizer


  • Crucial information was spread across multiple reports and spreadsheets
  • Hours were wasted every week keeping reports up to date
  • Lack of standard metrics across the organization
  • Data errors were slowing down the business


  • Used iCharts to help validate NetSuite data and processes
  • Replaced manual Excel reports with automated iCharts, directly in NetSuite
  • Rolled out consistent set of metrics to entire staff
  • Made charts available to entire management and production staff


  • Standard set of live insights available to the entire organization
  • No more reliance on manual Excel reports
  • Team can focus on taking action, not arguing about data
  • Improved morale through better understanding and transparency

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