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About Nexonia

With ‘Built for NetSuite’ system integrations and easy-to-use mobile apps, corporate expense reporting becomes simple and efficient with Nexonia’s feature-rich system. Serving over 900 companies in 18 different countries worldwide, Nexonia has a wide variety of customers in every industry. And though their technology and product integrations are what attract these discerning companies, inevitably it’s the commitment to exceptional customer experiences that sets Nexonia apart from the rest.

What can Nexonia do for you?

Take advantage of expense report software built for NetSuite and backed by a full-service team.

Fast Expense Reporting

Easily create, submit and approve expense reports within a matter of minutes.


Web & Mobile Apps

Fully mobile compatible with iOS® Android™ & Blackberry® apps.


Seamless Integrations

Over 300 pre-built NetSuite integration settings available, as well as credit card and travel management system integrations.

Multi-Currency and Tax Support

Automated VAT/GST/HST and multi-currency calculations.


Policy Support

Flexible approval workflow tailored to your company’s needs, DCAA compliance, and accurate reporting to ensure you’re audit-friendly.


Exceptional Customer Experience

Dedicated user training and accessible support by web conference, email and phone.

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