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Natively Embeddable Cloud Business Intelligence and Analytics

Analytics is more than a feature, it’s an expectation. iCharts gives your product a best-in-class analytics layer without needing to build one internally.


While many SaaS platforms and ecosystems provide some analytics with their offerings, users still commonly export the data to external tools such as Excel to build more extensive reports. This is inconvenient for the customer, and a bad user experience.


iCharts has built a cloud-based business intelligence and analytics solution that easily plugs in to existing SaaS platforms, extending your product’s capabilities with best-in-class analytics that allows users to easily build dashboards and explore their data. Platforms can connect iCharts directly to their backends, or leverage our unique Google BigQuery Bundle that gives you a robust infrastructure to run near real-time analytics.


By leveraging Google Big Query and iCharts, SaaS ecosystems can add powerful analytics to their tools without building it internally. Give your users more features, better analytics, and a more valuable experience with iCharts.

iCharts for SaaS

Extend your SaaS offering

Add robust cloud analytics powered by iCharts and Google

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Keep users in your software

Improve engagement and take away any reason to leave

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Analytics on the Transactional layer

Real-time analytics with no pre-aggregation or cube models

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Visualize multiple data sources

See all the data in one place with more than 50 connectors


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iCharts can operate entirely within your SaaS environment. Your users – and their data – never have to leave your product to be able to explore and slice and dice the data.

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iCharts offers powerful yet simple analytics that can be easily created via a simple drag-and-drop interface.

iCharts Comprehensive


Strengthen your SaaS offering with the ability to visualize multiple data streams in one place.

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iCharts makes it easy to embed analytics layer directly into your backend or through the Google BigQuery bundle.

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They are able to review and react to real-time changes in their business, not based on pre-aggregated data that can never be up-to-minute.

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Offer reports that are useful for everyone from data analysts to factory workers.

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When data can stay within your SaaS environment, there are fewer reasons for users to expose it to vulnerabilities and user error.

Bryan Bishop

“Before we used iCharts, we used to spend a lot of time questioning the validity of the data instead of analyzing it. Now with iCharts it’s like reading a morning newspaper: When we wake up in the morning, we can see what happened in our factories across the globe, what has been built and shipped.”


Bryan Bishop, Akustica (Bosch Group), Director of Supply Chain & Export Control Officer


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