iCharts puts powerful business intelligence and analytics into a convenient, affordable package ideal for existing Google Cloud customers

Benefits Google Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On with Google Cloud

Google OAuth Integration; Natively compatible with BigQuery tables, views, and custom queries. Also supports Spanner, CloudSQL, and BigTable via Federated Querying

Powerful and Intuitive:
No Code Required

Get up and running with powerful analytics using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Drag and Drop
iCharts Pivot Tables

Drill into Data in a Single View

Explore the data with multiple levels of aggregation

Scalable Yet Relevant to the Individual User

User-level permissions on the data gives users the data they need

Enterprise Ready

Semantic Layer

  • Put in your own SQL query
  • Write formulas into the dataset without modifying a table or rerunning data flows
  • Much more flexible than creating separate views for analysis
  • All analytics are segmentable and filterable
Benefit Control icon


  • Manage and control access
  • Audit user activity
  • Leverage Google single sign-on, minimizing vulnerabilities or human error
  • User level permissions enable relevant data for everyone
Benefit Mashup Icon


  • Take disparate sources of data and combine them
  • Visualize Google BQ with other data sources on a single visualization to bridge multiple applications
  • Join structured and unstructured data sources with BigQuery


Powerful Icon


Pivot terabytes of data in seconds with iCharts’ Flat-Query Paradigm, powered by a Google Cloud infrastructure.

Single Source Icon


With more than 50 connectors, visualize multiple data streams in one place without extensive integration.

Visual Icon


iCharts lets you keep track of everyone’s activity within Google BigQuery.

iCharts Comprehensive


Supports Google BigQuery, Google BigTable, Cloud Spanner and Cloud PostGreSQ

Feature Icon Real-time White


iCharts works on the transactional level, without pre-aggregation or cube models.

features secure icon


Data stays within the Google Cloud with single sign-on, minimizing the opportunity for vulnerabilities or human error.



Offer cloud-based reports from a single source of truth to everyone from executive management down to the floor worker, in one location.

iCharts Feature Scalable


Go from 10 to 10,000 users without the need for large, complex teams and extensive architecture planning sessions.

“iCharts has given us the opportunity to bring all of our 

data to one spot. It has been a huge win for us.”


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