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With iCharts, you can visualize all of your NetSuite data in one place, but what about data that isn’t in NetSuite? To visualize everything, including third-party data, you need iCharts Bridge. With compatibility for 119 different systems, iCharts Bridge turns iCharts into a one-stop shop for all your analytics needs.

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Explore your NetSuite and non-NetSuite data in a single view. With iCharts Bridge, building visualizations with third-party data is as easy as building any other visualization in iCharts. There’s no need for code, extensive training, or a background in data science. Instead, just use our intuitive drag-and-drop interface to build the visualizations you need, with the data you want.

NetSuite Dashboard


Monitor data from all of your business tools in one place—NetSuite

  • Compare sales pipeline data with actual bookings for more accurate projections
  • Compare production data with sales data for tighter supply chains
  • Compare customer data with booking data to identify opportunities
Bridge Chart Fnance


Compare sales pipeline data from SalesForce with bookings data from NetSuite

  • Track global revenue performance
  • Forecast opportunities
  • Identify shortcomings in your sales pipeline


Compare customer support data from ZenDesk with account data in NetSuite

  • Track customer satisfaction and find upsell opportunities
  • Get ahead of potential issues with customers

Supply Chain

Compare inventory data in your warehouse management system with orders in NetSuite

  • Gain a more accurate picture of supply and demand
  • Anticipate inventory shortages
  • Discover just how much inventory you need to keep shelves stocked

Stop Exporting and Start Analyzing

When your data is all over the place, making sense of it is a challenge. If you want to compare NetSuite data with SalesForce data, for example, you have to find some sort of workaround. For most, that means bringing data into a program like Excel and crunching numbers the old fashioned way. iCharts Bridge offers a different approach. By connecting third-party data to NetSuite, you can analyze everything in one place, without the hassle.

Blend Your Visuals, Not Your Data

iCharts Bridge lets you visually mashup all your data for deeper insights, directly within your Netsuite dashboard. Easily connect data sources in iCharts BI for powerful data blending without the need for manual database joins.

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data to one spot. It has been a huge win for us.”


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