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If your NetSuite implementation uses the Advanced Revenue Management (ARM) module to track your business data, you’re already set up to add iCharts SaaS IQ. With one bundle, iCharts SaaS IQ adds a built-in analytics dashboard to your NetSuite environment, complete with all the charts and metrics you need to run a SaaS organization. It’s also the fastest way to get analytics for your SaaS business data. We worked directly with NetSuite’s software team to develop sophisticated SaaS metrics based on industry best practices. Get everything you need with minimal hassle.

Everything you need is included

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SaaS Metrics installs everything you need with one bundle. Most customers get up and running instantaneously. Dive into historical and future data, track trends in your ARR and MRR, or run a cohort analysis, all with minimal setup time.



Metrics like Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), churn rates, and Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) are key to your bottom line. SaaS Metrics puts them all into eight pre-built charts based on industry best practices and years of experience.



Instead of extracting your data or opening a bunch of windows, you can get all the insights you need in one dashboard. It’s also easy to use. If you can read a graph, you’re ready to use iCharts SaaS IQ to drive your business decisions.



iCharts SaaS IQ does more than turn numbers into visualizations, it unlocks key insights. Analyze trends over time and get a closer look at how your retention and recurring revenue evolve and grow.

Segment The Data



The ability to segment your data means you can see metrics on individual products, regions, or customers. You can also see how these segments affect your overall business.




Use NetSuite’s native users and permissions settings to give access to as many users as you want. Give employees role-specific dashboards based on their permissions. Help employees do their jobs and react to real-time changes to key metrics.

Included Metrics

ARR by Month per Product Line

SaaS Chart

See how much Annual Recurring Revenue is attributed to each product line. Get a picture of your overall business, discover the winners and losers in your product lines, and inform your next product decision.

MRR by Product Line

SaaS Charts

See how much of your Monthly Recurring Revenue comes from each of your product lines. Learn which product lines perform the best, and which ones need help.

Customer MRR over Time by Start Date

SaaS Pivot

See how individual customers contribute to your MRR. Discover how specific clients affect your overall business. Break down the results and analyze the MRR customers contribute at any specific point in time.

Customer MRR Cohort Analysis

SaaS Pivot Table

See how cohorts behave over the course of their subscription. Track trends, find patterns, and identify the best times to upsell, downsell, or take steps to prevent churn.

Rolling Annualized Churn Rate

Saas Charts

See how your new ARR sources offset your Churn Rate for a given month. Add context to your operations and visualize your progress towards company goals.

MRR Roll-Forward

SaaS Chart

See almost all of your MRR data in one place. Track Previous Month MRR, New MRR, Upsell MRR, Downsell MRR, and Churned MRR, all in one visualization

Rolling 3 Month Acquisition Cost over New ARR

SaaS Chart

See how much ARR you receive for every dollar you spend acquiring a new customer. Discover the acquisition efforts that make a difference and optimize your acquisition strategy.

Expansion MRR by Month

SaaS Chart

See how much a customer’s MRR contribution changes over time. Analyze data from existing customers older than 12 months, and use your insights to inform future upselling or downselling strategies.

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