New Features

Over the past six months, our engineering team has been working around the clock (and still are as Suiteworld is approaching) to deliver one of our most significant efforts yet: iCharts BI.


iCharts BI is not just an update of the current product our customers know and love. It’s a brand new product, built from the ground up with new technology, design, and workflow. Best of all, your feedback these past few months has been critical towards its design and we’re sure every one of our customers will love it!


Ease of chart creation, enhanced support for saved searches, fast access to view your data, greater flexibility within NetSuite’s custom portlets, mashups, and a simple drag-and-drop UI. These are the basic features that you are familiar with. Our goal is to provide you with even MORE, but in a way that is ultra-user friendly and streamlined.


Here are some of the awesome new features we are delivering with this release:

New Design: We’ve created a rich interface, with a modern, intuitive design. Our goal is ensure the most important parts of your workflow are just click away, all while keeping the focus on your visualization. We improved upon the drag-and-drop interface, increased the studio workspace, and minimized the number of menus, to keep everything accessible and clear.

Dashboards: Dashboards in iCharts BI are fully customized and responsive to the size of your screen and your NetSuite portlet. This allows an Editor to create a comprehensive visual report with all the data needed to check mission critical details and make data driven decisions. Dashboards in iCharts BI are guaranteed to look great on any screen, any the time!



NEW (iCharts BI)

#1 New Chart Types: iCharts BI allows us to continue delivering more advanced analytical tools to you. In addition to the chart types we offer today, we have added to two new visualizations:
Pivot Tables: Review large, detailed reports, right on your dashboards! iCharts pivot tables allow you to interact with your aggregated data, complete with the ability to drill in and explore your data.


Bubble Charts: Display three dimensions in one visualization! Bubble charts are helpful for analyzing three data series that each contain a set of values. The size of the bubbles is determined by the values in the third data series.


Date Filtering: Select a single date or range of two dates using a familiar calendar, and even use some common dynamic date ranges like “last 30 days” and “year to date.” These powerful filters will allow your users to quickly focus your charts to any point in time for comparison and analysis.

Mashups: NetSuite’s built-in joins are great, however they do limit you from cross-referencing or segmenting your data across certain records types. Breaking you free of these limitations with the ability to mashup two saved searches from different records proved to be one of our most popular features. Over the past year we received many requests for the ability to expand mashup capability. iCharts BI supports mashups with up to 5 records at once!


Here is a full list of the new features in iCharts BI:


Projects and Sharing: One of our missions with the new platform was to improve the ways people can collaborate on their BI. Projects are the collaborative space where teams can work on and share visualizations and reporting in a common area. All your dashboards, charts, and datasets are automatically shared with your project’s users. Create and save calculations and formulas to present your KPIs and analyses, creating a “single source of truth” for your entire organization. Projects can be shared with colleagues in the following ways.



  • If you are a consultant or a multi-subsidiary organization, this allows you to create a project for specific groups of users.
  • Use your NetSuite ID or Google Groups to provide access to your entire organization.


  • Invite individual users that are part of your team or audience for your reports and visualizations.

#2Data Sources

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  • Improved support for NetSuite Saved Searches
  • Mashup up to 5 datasets
  • Google BigQuery
  • JDBC based data sources including Google Spanner, MySQL, PostgreSQL


Data Source Credentials

While iCharts BI typically accesses data as defined by the user’s existing permissions via login, sometimes there is a need to use data that a user might not have direct access to. With credentials, customers can now set up a variety of new data sources that can be used to create/view charts and dashboards.


Dataset Management

Our new Dataset Editor adds flexibility to customize your datasets further inside iCharts BI. Once you created a dataset, the Dataset Editor allows formatting, calculations, and aggregations with advanced formulas using native NetSuite Saved Search syntax without further modifications required to your original saved search.


Charts Types

  • Pivot Tables
  • Column & Bar
  • Clustered
  • 100% stacked
  • Stacked
  • Line and Area
  • Pie
  • Bubble


Chart Features

  • Slider: Zoom in and out of your chart to explore and understand your trends.
  • Data Tips: Hover above the chart to see the details of that column, bar, or point.
  • Color By (Compare By): Segment your data with color to get insights.
  • Filters
    • Select Filter
    • Date Filtering
      • Date selector
      • Date range
      • Rolling dates
    • Numeric Ranges
  • View Data: This will open NetSuite Saved Search results with the specific data you are seeing in your chart. This is a powerful tool that combines the simplicity of an iCharts visualization with the fine details of your NetSuite records.
  • Sorting by Dimension or Measure, Ascending and Descending
  • Aggregations
    • Sum
    • Count
    • Count Distinct
    • Average
    • MIN / MAX
  • In-Chart formula editing: Add formulas to your datasets on the fly



  • Add multiple charts into a single NetSuite portlet
  • Customize your chart size and position in our responsive dashboards
  • Publish to a Netsuite portlet or view from your iCharts BI gallery
  • Chart or Dashboard Preview mode
  • Expand charts and dashboards to the full size of your screen


There are many more exciting features on the way and we look forward to bringing them to you in 2017.


#3 How do I upgrade?

Starting today, iCharts BI is available to all current customers. To upgrade please contact our Customer Success team for details and to schedule a complimentary introduction via


Last year, we won NetSuite’s SuiteApp of the Year Award at SuiteWorld, this year we’re going bigger and will be a diamond sponsor of the conference. We will be officially announcing iCharts BI, have customers sharing their success stories, and provide a few seminars about reporting best practices.


Thank you, and we are looking forward seeing you at SuiteWorld!


The iCharts Product and Engineering Team